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Four weeks have passed since I joined Backbase as a technology recruiter and it has been quite the ride already. Since I have to ride my bike every morning for 7K, I pass the most beautiful scenery of Amsterdam. Sunsets, clear skies, the Vondelpark, the Amstel and loads of water. It's all quite refreshing to start your day seeing so much beauty, Amsterdam really is a lovely place to be working (and living).

For everyone who is landing on this page because I hunted you or checked out your profile, watch this video to get an impression who we are:

So the onboarding at Backbase was good, had a good introduction by my colleague Wouter Koeleman and got a warm welcome from my manager Eveliese Luiting and our HR officer Joanne Burgwal.

Apart from my own team the whole team at Backbase are a smart and hard working bunch. They really believe in the Customer Experience Platform and it's nice to be surrounded by so many talented persons. Right in my second week we won the Finovate 2014 Best of Show, which of course was a big achievement for the whole Backbase team, I look forward winning even more awards. On a personal level I am aiming for a Glassdoor Best Place to Work 2015. 

So what did I do this first month? Well, first I did a lot of searching, really, a lot. Backbase was having trouble finding Front-End Engineers in Atlanta, Georgia and my first assignment was to fill the pipeline. So I did what I like and do best: I went to my favorite channel Github (contacted them all so don't bother :)) for starters, did some Stackoverflow searches as well and a nifty little Facebook graph search (see below).

Loads of qualified people rolled out of this and as we speak we got 5 talented Javascript gurus talking to our Principal Engineer, which for me is a good result. But next to the people who are being considered for the job, I have spoken to many other talented and qualified individuals. When reaching out based on content and real interest, the conversations gets so much better. This is the biggest reason I joined Backbase, because they see value in quality, not quantity.

We have a great Marketing team managed by Jelmer de Jong (Global Head of Marketing) and they are really doing a good job getting our brand out there for possible customers. But, in my honest opinion, we can do much better when it comes showing off our great culture, benefits and awesome colleagues.

So I started building our:

Check them out as well!

Als I would like to advocate our free lunches & company fitness plan, why not parade with the international career opportunities & steep learning curve we have here and why not show off our beautiful office & technology stack?

To finalize, here is my favorite video of the month:

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