Every time I use LinkedIn in some way, being it sourcing, writing, reading or just simple browsing, 99% of the time my eyes are bleeding. It makes me want to throw my macbook out of the window. It makes me feel that people are just accepting the huge piles of crap we get sent to our screen everyday. I mean, come on, these posts are just all over and I am sick of it.

For me personally, social media is on its return. I deleted Facebook 6 months ago (loving it), too much shitty content. Seriously thought about deleting LinkedIn once or twice but I can't. They have me by the balls, and I am not liking it. So, see this as an open letter LinkedIn, please do something about your diminishing quality. It used to be pretty good, but without curation, your site is going down. But first, here is a stream of quality posts I found by just browsing today:

yay another riddle (in comic sans <3)

wow what an awesome blogpost about technical recruiting

(number here) + (catchy phrase) + (linkedin 'influencer') = 0 content

Well you get my point, I can go on forever.

So you can ignore people, mute them. I did that back in the days with FB as well. But what happens with Linkedin: they fill your stream up with likes or comments of the connections of my connections. Oh wow. Thanks Linkedin!

Then, writing on the platform is a disaster. If you are like me, you write in Markdown, Medium, Mou, Wordpress or whatever other platform. Good luck putting that piece you just wrote in the Linkedin writing editor. Believe me, it's appalling.

Then, the posts that actually provide some information do not get any promotion. Like my friend Eva (who ironically works for Linkedin), writes a FAR better essay on her beliefs on defining talent than the '10 ways to bla bla' posts on you see on Linkedin all the time. She got to 4000+ views, on her own.

The problem is that Linkedin is becoming a platform that is no longer used for professional connections. I swear that I have seen baby pictures passing by. So, in my opinion, Linkedin is dying and they are letting it happen. It is already dead to the developer communities, because Linkedin sells products to recruiters that allow them to mass email (spam) people, come on!

I use LinkedIn on a daily base, to cross reference people, to hire my new friends, to find relevant content in relation to my job, to share my knowledge. And I like that, I used to love Linkedin. But it has just transformed in to a necessary evil that you have to use now a days. Because of that monopoly, it feels like LI does not give a shit about the state of it, as long as the money piles in. It's a damn shame.

There is even a movement already called 'Stop Using Linkedin', find them here. They compiled a list of services you can use instead when LI closed down the developer API. I urge you to check them out, some good sites on that list.