"We shape our tools and afterwards our tools shape us", Marshall McLuhan

Okay, now we have gotten that catchy quote from someone you & I probably don't know out of the way -- lets start 2017 off with a new post about tooling. My favourite thing about recruiting because they make life so much easier. Lets go!

Ever since Linkedin bought Connectifier it has been raining new tools on the sourcing front. Can these tools get bought by Linkedin at some point? Or will they just be shut down by Big Brother? I am eagerly anticipating what the year 2017 is going to bring us my fellow sourcers & recruiters.

Anyway, these contenders will help you to find email addresses of people you so desperately want to hire:


I am using Yves' profile as an example, candidate.ai gives me important information about him like email & how good his university is. Works even better on US Based profiles with salary information... whatever.

candidate.ai sourcing

Downside: they do not accept new installations anymore, but get on the waiting list! (cough still available if you search the google chrome store cough)

Contact out

Same story, 60% of the time it works... every time. You get 50 free credits to start out with.

contact out sourcing

Contact Yves now.


This one has been around for some more time, and they tweaked their pricing / free model recently. With a free account you get 5 scouts, if you refer people you will get 5 more per accepted referral. So generous.

lusha sourcing

Lusha is not sure who Yves is, but she hopes your next profile will be a hit. Thanks Lusha.


One of the newer tools, especially effective when you are searching through Github. I have 5 invites left for you readers, DM me if you want one. Or, you can setup on your own and get 50 free scouts.

hikido sourcing

As you can see not without error, but it does the job... sort of.

People Search

My friends at Workable (a great Applicant Tracking System) have also mingled in the space for sourcing. The free option gives you 10 scouts a month.

People Search sourcing

Yves and I are also writing a more in-depth post about this beauty and how to leverage it as your sourcing machine.

Lead Generator

If you are an adventurer like me, and you like to get threatened by Linkedin from time to time: Install Lead Generator. It will get you email addresses but also:

linkedin u mad


Combine all these tools together an you have around 100+ email reveals a month, more than enough I would say.

Other stuff out there

Obviously there are some other tools that are useful that I have not shared before:


Email tracking, scheduling, templates, send later, and surveys all in one tool. Lives in your gmail and google inbox (!!) and is a beast. Gives you all of the above on a monthly usage base for free, but I would advice you just to pay for this one as one should just pay for good software.

Clipboard History 2

This one is a winner as well, I do a lot of copy-pasting and always lose track of them. No longer with Clipboard History 2... what a sequel.

Key Takeaways
  • Yves email address is yves.greijn@gmail.com;
  • Tooling is nice, use them to do good work and stop the spam.