"Spending just 4 hours with Willem revolutionised our approaching to hiring. He is both highly creative and practical and incredibly easy to get along with. I can't speak highly enough of this man and his ideas." Mike Bartlett, Co-Founder

"His approach justs works, in under 4 hours per week Willem managed to help us hire one backend dev and two frontend developers. He got us hiring with confidence." Bram Rongen, CTO

"Wicked tech hacker. Great method and great social skills. Good to have around you!" Jeroen Gouw, Founder / Creative Director

##### What can I do for you and your business?

There has been one thing that has been clear from the start. I like to help companies who try to make this place we live on a better one. Especially with software and / or great technology. Also starting companies are not yet hampered by hierarchy and process issues; they build the plane as they fly it.

So typically it's the startups of this world that I help. I promised myself never to work for a 'shitty' company. So before any work done by me, I will thoroughly check out the beliefs and culture of my clients. Often resulting in meeting in person, having some drinks and working intensively with the team in house. If we match, I can and will:

  1. Help you with building your hiring architecture. I can't emphasise enough how important this is when you want to scale your business. Have your whole team on the bandwagon while doing (technology) recruiting and hiring is of the utmost importance. I will implement my tools & services and train your team to become a hiring powerhouse.

  2. You have a technical / development role your are really bleeding on: I can help you fill it by scouting the web for the guys/girls you need. Tailor made to your requirements. Longlist or shortlist, you can choose your flavour.

  3. Drink beers, have fun.

I do not work fee based, I will bill per hour. I do not believe in fees, I believe in hard work and getting paid for it.