So yes, I joined a new company this month, moved to London, bought my bike, got my apartment (near a canal) and am currently fully focussed on building a new team out for It's satisfying to be taken such a highly personalised approach, iterating, innovating and above all: making recruiting suck less.

Added to this I am very happy to be surrounded by the most talented of people who are doing some crazy stuff regarding distributed systems and massive simulation. People here come from world class companies (e.g. Google, Microsoft or Amazon to name a few) and everyone is super smart.

But this is not the main reason why I joined, not even the $20M a16z investment or all the press we are getting on Forbes & Twitter. No, it's this Talent team, who really showed me I was only scratching the surface in terms of reach-outs, approaches, talent & recruiting. Everything is measured, continually optimised, which approach works and which not, what can we tweak? Its damn impressive what these guys have built here and I am proud on joining this team and making it even better.

So, if you are reading this post because I reached out to you; heres to hoping you are crazy enough to join me on this ride called Improbable.