Since I did the interview with I noticed how many people are interested in Talent Hacking. I have always been interested in doing things right with technology, especially the administrative part of hiring. It just takes very good spreadsheet management (where I fail miserably) or exceptional tools to do this (I like leveraging technology more).

So I am going to talk a little about the two tools / startups that have kickstarted me in any role I hire for. So meet my two friends, Lever and Workable. The latter is from Greece, the other is from the US. They are both good friends of mine, and they respect each other as well. But they are competitors to each other, as they both deliver an awesome product. They both give you a headstart when it comes to hiring tech talent. They are both equally cool, nice and helpful when I fill the funnels of the startups I am helping.

I mention them quite often here in the startup scene in Amsterdam. I can tell you they are my best friends when it comes to doing (tech) hiring right. Some time ago I introduced them to each other, by tweeting about them before a training I was going to give later that night. I like when two of my friends play to each other:

Yet, they have many differences, one startup may suit Lever, the other Workable. It depends, like everything, but what makes Workable and Lever such awesome products for recruiting is that they want to involve everyone, from office-manager to head of development, in the hiring process. Because, they believe that everyone in the company has the ability to find exceptional talent, my friends Lever and Workable, enable this.

Added to that, they also both provide an Applicant Tracking System thats lean, has an exceptional UI and UX about it, has scheduling possibilities with for interviews, provide an open API and they partner up with other cool startups in the hiring scene to make hiring easier. And they deliver features on clients demands, which is cool. One thing is clear: both understand its all broken in the hiring scene and are willing to help fix it!

So, because there should always be conversation on good products, I will be releasing two blog posts with real-life use cases as I am using Lever for the work I do at 3DHubs and Workable for the technology team I am currently building in Atlanta, Georgia for Backbase. I will start out with some basic info on how I met them, how I use them in my daily work and I will of course try to lay down a blue print so that you, yes you, can use these tools as well and make exceptional tech hires.

I will also be a critic, and talk about the bugs that sometimes pop up, but also I will talk about their customer service and how they go about fixing shit. Oh and for all the haters, I was not paid or asked to do this by either Lever or Workable; I am doing this simply because they make me successful in my job and kick the asses of all the other ATS's (Applicant Tracking Systems) out there. So stay put, I will start out with a post on Lever, as my work at 3DHubs has been completed right before my move to the USA. Greetings from Atlanta!