Atlanta, Hotlanta, not the most appealing city to us Europeans. When I got sent over there to launch & build the Backbase Atlanta office I was like: 'meehhhh', but it turns out this city has a lot to offer next to traffic jams, t(h)ree skylines and Coca-cola.

Since we did not really have an office in Atlanta, I was bound to work from coffee shops and co-working spots. This list is not really exhaustive because I will just give you the best coffee-shop and the best co-working spot I found here in the ATL.

Some other tips: buy/rent a bicycle, avoid the public transport, ride the belt line, go to little 5 points, don't spend much time in Buckhead, check out West-Atlanta, enjoy all the festivals, chill out on people's porches, eat at Metro-Fresh, Airbnb at the Big-House on Ponce, befriend people with lake houses, see strippers at Clermont Lounge (where they go to die) and enjoy the southern hospitality.

Best Coffeeshop in Atlanta

Condesa Coffee

My fav, I think I spent more time here than in any other place in Atlanta. The coffee and food is damn good, they have a nice terrace and recently opened their second store Downtown.

Good thing about Condesa is that its easily reached by bicycle using the Freedom Park Trail and Beltline to get there. Because this city is so car infested, it's really nice when you can just ride in quiet to your favorite spot.

Find them here:

So whats so good about Condesa Coffee you may ask? First week, when I was new over there, it was the internet. Its very fast, never drops (unlike other coffeeshops in ATL) and works outside as well.

The coffee is roasted by counter culture which comes in drip, espresso shots, iced, whatever you like. But, they also have a fine selection of beers, spirits and awesome cocktails.

Since you get used to the fast internet, they have a secret weapon: their team. Nice bunch of international people, the owners are two Lebanese brothers of which one runs the shop. I have spent many days / evenings with Moe (owner) sipping 'Old Fashioneds' while smoking 'Hookah' philosophising about travelling, the conflicts of this world and what makes the perfect coffee. Perfect wind-down when you have been working hard the whole day.

I have been to all the other good coffee shops around town: Aurora, Dancing Goats, Chattahoochee Coffee Company & Octane and you can't go wrong with these when in Atlanta. But the personal touch I got every time while working at Condesa is southern hospitality at its best.

Best Co-Workingspot in Atlanta

Strongbox West

Strongbox is a well known co-working spot in Atlanta. They recently changed locations and the results are astonishing. Since they changed offices when Backbase got the key to the Midtown office I did not spend so much time here as before, but this place is definitely the best place to co-work from.

The place is run by Amy Hoover and she is an absolute gem. Never before I had such a welcoming attitude from a co-working spot. Very friendly atmosphere and flow going around here, productivity galore.

Thanks Atlanta, see you soon.