I am Willem Wijnans and I like to talk nerdy about 'recruitment'. I currently work at Improbable.

Next to Improbable I also try to help startups out with hiring first class developers who have living github pages, like to do open-source work and are fun to be around with. I like to hire people I can drink a beer with. I believe in the 'we can teach you code but we can't teach you personality'. Next to that I implement tactics on how to get a hiring architecture set up right. Also I train teams on sourcing their colleagues themselves, using cool hacks as opening up sites API's and put it to work for them.

Lately I have been reviewing stuff regarding tech hiring: be it tools, software or offline hacks.

I really like to troll / hate on the traditional recruiting world and will keep doing that until we have a world free of shitty recruiters. If you have come to learn the real ways of recruiting and hiring, and you are tired of the mass emails you are sending everyday? Welcome!

I am up for good coffee, anytime and anywhere. I currently live in London but I like to travel a lot so don't be shy to send me a request from somewhere distant. We'll work it out!

And thanks for checking my blog, leave a comment if you can. Know that I feel very humbled by your visit.